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O U R   T E A M

Great relationships are the key to our staging success!

Locally we are the most requested brand to style your home for sale.  We understand the property market and care about achieving real results for our sellers.  We want every property we stage to stand out, sell faster, and sell for more.

The team at Beautiful Living are experienced and have mastered every home-staging hurdle over our past 15 years.  Our dedicated in-house logistics and styling teams allow us to be flexible and agile.  We understand that building, maintenance and photography can change, but we continue to meet deadlines and timeframes to make styling your home hassle free.

OUR LOOK  | We don't limit ourselves to one single aesthetic.  Every property is unique and we pride ourselves in achieving the perfect design for your home, the target market and the value of the property.  Our creative director, Jane Sullivan, is passionate about design, always embracing new home and lifestyle choices, and injecting them into our staging to keep our brand current.

At Beautiful Living we are proud of our competency and what we help to achieve. A large part of our business ethos is to look after people and be mindful of the process.  The results take care of themselves.  Property sales success is rarely due to an individual, we see it as a partnership.  Collectively our people will give your property the best chance at successfully selling.


 Jane 027 280 7332


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